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Make the most of our ESG Impact Indicators Database

The market demands more and more accountability on ESG indicators. There are now more than 400 frameworks in this field, and this proliferation makes it necessary to make authoritative frameworks available, with relevant, material, and simple, indicators. In addition, these indicators must conform to the standards of international guidelines to ensure their pertinence for issuers.

Our offer

Your needs:


material indicators for public reporting


impacts of your investments on sustainability


your portfolio’s ESG progress to skateholders


issuers’ effective implementation of their CSR commitments

Our Solution:

67 SR and socio-economic indicators:

60 CSR indicators & 7 socio-economic indicators, emcompassing subjects included in major international standards and guidelines, with possible sector-specific customisation

2 types of indicators: raw impact metrics & management indicators

Data collection conducted over minimum period of 3 years

You can make the most of these indicators through:

Why Vigeo Eiris?

Wealth of sources
Vigeo Eiris gathers indicators that cover the main ESG aspects through 2 pillars and 4 main areas: Controversial Activities Screening, Sustainable Goods & Services, Corporate Sustainability Rating, Controversy Risk Assessment

Quality assurance
Vigeo Eiris is certified ISO 9001
Multidisciplinary team, combining thematic expertise with sector expertise

Key CSR Memberships
Member of PRI, UN Global Compact, CDP, GRI, and more