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Management of risks & opportunities  Controversial Activities & Weapons

Identify and monitor controversial activities within your portfolio

Having chosen to implement a responsible investment policy, you now want to exclude companies from your investment universe whose activities or products are deemed controversial, or pose a risk to health or the environment for example. Our goal is to provide you with reliable information so that you can make informed responsible investment choices.

Our offer

Your need:


from a reliable source of information for exclusion criteria


your reputational risk, undertake engagement processes and confidently respond to your stakeholders’ questions

Meet the expectations

of clients asking for a responsible investment approach

Our Solutions

  • Database and analytical reports on 15 controversial activities 
  • Specific screening on Climate Change: Fossil Fuel Industries, Coal, Tar Sands & Oil Shale 
  • Annual screening covering 6510 issuers


  • Alcohol
  • Animal welfare
  • Chemicals of concern
  • Gambling
  • Genetic engineering
  • High interest rate lending
  • Nuclear power
  • Pornography
  • Reproductive medicine
  • Tobacco
  • Civilian firearms
  • Military
  • Coal
  • Fossil fuels industry
  • Tar sands & oil shale

Screening Controversial Weapons

A database and analysis of companies’ involvement

In the development, production, maintenance, distribution or trade of controversial weapons.

Reports cover 10,000 issuers and are produced quarterly.

Why Vigeo Eiris ?

Robust, stable and based on international standards. Learn more about our methodology

ESG research on 4,500 issuers; thematic research covering up to 10,000 issuers; a global rating universe covering multiple asset classes

Research adaptable to different responsible investment approaches, via a customisable database

A multicultural team of 145 analysts, organised by sector and operating across 6 production sites

Processes certified to the Responsible Investment Research Standard

A continuous research and development process

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