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Evaluate your impact on climate change

<h2>Investors have rallied in support of carbon emission targets set by the Paris Climate Conference, or COP 21. Several complementary approaches are available to investors, including divestment; the allocation of resources to sectors and activities that contribute towards a low carbon economy; or moving investments to issuers that are committed to energy transition.</h2>

Our offer

Your need:


investment decisions that incorporate climate risk assessments, such as the impairment of assets connected to fossil fuels (known as ‘stranded assets’)


the allocation of your funds to sectors or activities contributing to energy transition


the ‘carbon footprint’ of your portfolio


your conversations with issuers

Our Solutions

A ‘carbon footprint’ is an expression of economic data that, by itself, does not provide information on an issuer’s strategy to reduce their carbon emissions. Vigeo Eiris’ analysis complements carbon footprint data, identifying the extent to which issuers are adapting their business model to reduce their carbon emissions.

  • Carbon footprint measurement of each issuer in your portfolio, expressed in absolute and normalised terms


  • An energy score reflecting the issuer’s ability to reduce its carbon footprint in the medium and long term, associated with positive or negative impacts: a powerful resource that helps you understand your exposure to carbon risk.
  • Vigeo Eiris opinion considers the industry-specific risks of each issuer: a process of analysis consistent with our overall ESG approach.

Learn more about our Carbon & Energy Transition Report.

Carbon & Energy Transition
Performance Grid


A company’s carbon footprint is based on three key factors:

  • The nature of activities
  • The size of the company
  • The carbon footprint of its peers




A three-step approach, specific to each sector and each company’s activities:

  • Sector contextualisation
  • Assessment grid
  • Energy transition score

Why Vigeo Eiris ?

Robust, stable and based on international standards. Learn more about our methodology

Sector weighting
Supported by a risk analysis

Historical energy transition data
Dating back more than thirty years

A continuous research and development process

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