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Vigeo Eiris has been present in Morocco since 2004 with an office in Casablanca. A second office was opened in Rabat in July 2017. A team of 47 people work across the two sites under the direction of Fouad Benseddik, founding member of Vigeo in 2002 and Vigeo Eiris’ current Director of Methods and Institutional Relations. Vigeo Eiris works with company directors, investors, asset ‎managers and trade associations looking to ‎incorporate social responsibility into their strategy ‎and decision making process.

Our clients are:

  • managers in quoted or non-listed companies, in public or private sectors
  • investors
  • asset managers
  • associations
  • local authorities

Vigeo Eiris Morocco offers two types of service:

Vigeo Eiris Enterprise:
We work with organisations of all sizes and from all sectors, both public and private, to support the integration of ESG criteria into their business functions and strategic operations. Vigeo Eiris was active in developing the concept of social responsibility in Morocco, running more than 150 projects with Moroccan companies. Vigeo Eiris is also the creator of the CGEM Social Responsibility Label and partnered the confederation in conceptualising and implementing the CGEM Social Responsibility Charter in 2006.
سنة سعيدة وكل عام وأنتم بخير

Minutes of the 1st Edition of the Moroccan Business Climate Forum organised by the CGEM

Vigeo Eiris Rating:
Offers a large range of products and services designed for all kinds of investors and covering all sustainable and ethical investment practices.

Top Performer Awards
Since 2012, Vigeo Eiris has chosen Moroccan companies for Top Performer awards. These awards recognise companies whose governance and managerial behaviours have the highest scores and best levels of insurance.
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Vigeo Eiris Morocco
Casablanca office

Technopark – Route de Nouacer
6ème étage, bureau 601
Casablanca – Morocco
T: +212 522 87 14 77
T: +212 522 87  58 27
F: +212 522 87 47 27

Rime Ouadi
Office Manager
T: +212 522 87 14 77
T: +212 522 87  58 27

Rabat office
Immeuble Ryad Business Center S2,
2nd floor – Hay Ryad
Rabat – Morocco

Sarah  Cherrat
Office Manager
T : +212 5 37 56 46 32
T : +212 5 37 56 45 76

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