Vigeo Eiris

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Our vision of the economy: analysing the risks and opportunities expressed through ESG factors

The economic, ecological and societal challenges of the 21st century suggest fundamental changes to our development models in the medium-term, leading to major transformations of economic models and investment strategies. To acknowledge these challenges is to welcome innovation and opportunity, while ignoring them poses a certain amount of risk.

Vigeo Eiris is a global provider of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) research and services to investors as well as private, public and non-profit organisations.

Vigeo Eiris offers a wide range of services: 
For investors:
decision-making support covering all sustainable and ethical investment approaches (including ratings, databases, sector analyses, portfolio analyses, structured products, indices and more).
For companies & organisations: supporting the integration of ESG criteria into business functions and strategic operations (including sustainable bonds, corporate ratings, CSR evaluations and more). 

Statements of intent are not enough
Without questioning the value of Charts of Ethics or Codes of Conduct, they don’t always provide specific information on company activity.

They certainly help companies define their values. However, as opposed to the managerial approach to social responsibility, they provide no guarantee that companies will mitigate their social, environmental or governance impacts.


Towards sustainable and responsible performance
Social responsibility is a commitment to responsible performance. As long as it serves legitimate objectives and is performed in a rational way, social responsibility:

  • Is corporate responsibility
  • Reduces organisational risk
  • Strengthens ESG and economic performance
  • Enables positive differentiation.