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A shareholding structure representing all stakeholders

Vigeo Eiris’ share capital is divided into 3 board subgroups: investors and financial actors (90.98%), civil society organisations (5.74%)‎ and companies (3.28%). The pluralistic nature of our shareholding structure ensures the independence of the agency.

Capital allocation


Assets & Pension
Fund Managers

10 Board members

Trade Unions
& NGOs

1 Board member

0 Board member

A 13M€ capital

Vigeo Eiris has changed its capital structure as part of a €10 million increase in funds:

  • Financial actors now represent nearly 91% of the capital
  • Seven of them own 74% of the agency

The Board of Directors has evolved in line with the new capital structure and is now composed of 16 members. Shareholders holding at least 12% are represented by two directors; those holding at least 7% by one director. In addition, the Board has three independent directors.



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