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Vigeo Eiris, a key contributor to the responsible economy network and partner in academic research 

A member and key partner of organisations and local associations that promote SRI, Vigeo Eiris contributes significantly to raising awareness on the challenges of responsible development and helps inform evolutions in practice. Through our global presence, we are proud to promote SRI all over the world. Vigeo Eiris also supports scientific research on social responsibility and we build partnerships with academics through research agreements, enabling them to access and use our database.

Our partnerships aim at:

  • Developing research protocols and enhancing our scientific knowledge,
  • Sharing research outcomes with financial operators, companies, academics and the general public,
  • Contributing to public debate,
  • Strengthening the expertise of Vigeo Eiris teams.


Vigeo Eiris’ scientific partnership policy
Vigeo Eiris has a particular interest in scientific research on social responsibility and responsible investment; we are therefore attentive to the conceptual and experimental developments of the academic world. Each year Vigeo Eiris grants free access to its databases to new partners.
Interested researchers are initially invited to communicate:‎

  • Their research theme,
  • The issue at stake and the objectives,
  • Specific details of all individuals and institutions responsible for their work.‎


As part of these partnership agreements, researchers commit to presenting their work before Vigeo Eiris’ Scientific Committee and keeping the agency regularly updated on the progress of their research. Due to the high number of requests we receive, we are unable to respond to all enquiries from students and researchers and currently limit access to our database to researchers from universities and institutions with whom we already have an established research agreement.

Studies conducted in partnership with Vigeo Eiris
Since its inception Vigeo Eiris has collected a significant amount of data, analyses and opinion on Corporate Social Responsibility and has built several academic partnerships with international research institutions.

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Contact us

If you are a researcher and want to explore the possibility of a research partnership, please contact:‎
Elise Attal, Institutional Relations Manager