Vigeo Eiris

Vigeo Eiris, the choice for responsible growth

As a rating and research agency, Vigeo Eiris evaluates organisations’ integration of social, environmental and governance factors into their strategies, operations and management – with a focus on promoting economic performance, responsible investment and sustainable value creation.

CSR analysis and ESG rating

As a rating and research agency, Vigeo Eiris evaluates organisations’ integration of social, environmental and governance factors into their strategies, operations and management – with a focus on promoting economic performance, responsible investment and sustainable value creation.


The economic, environmental and social challenges of the 21st century suggest fundamental changes to development models in the medium-term,  leading to major transformations of economic models and investment strategies. To acknowledge these challenges is to welcome innovation and opportunity, while ignoring them poses a certain amount of risk.

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Our raison d’être calls for clear integrity, a high work ethic, top-quality services and constant receptiveness & reactiveness – all of which drive our independence, transparency, innovation and professional excellence.

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Vigeo Eiris, born from the merger of two leaders in their historical markets, is rooted in Europe and is now positioned as a global player in ESG research. This status makes Vigeo Eiris a key stakeholder in building greater ESG awareness amongst civil society and local authorities, and in adapting companies’ and investors’ strategies and practices. Stakeholder dialogue and innovation are at the heart of our DNA.

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CSR Policy

Assessing and promoting social and environmental responsibility form the core of Vigeo Eiris’ business lines and the foundation of its raison d’être. Vigeo Eiris has built its own social responsibility approach with the firm belief that it constitutes a performance factor and a driver of brand promotion and attractiveness.

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Established approach and processes that ensure the relevance of our analyses and opinion

Vigeo Eiris’ exclusive methodology guarantees the impartiality of our analyses and ratings, equal treatment for all companies under review and the traceability of information collected. The evaluation takes into account the efficiency of managerial systems  in implementing environmental, social and governance objectives, in other words the company’s ‘sustainability objectives’.

Governance in line with our beliefs

Vigeo Eiris pays close attention to its governance. President Nicole Notat leads the Executive Committee and a Board of Directors guides the agency’s strategy, votes on budgets and elects the Nomination and Remuneration Committees. A Scientific Committee composed of independent individuals reports on its activities to the Board and the General Assembly.


Vigeo Eiris’ share capital is divided into 3 board subgroups: investors and financial actors (61.7%), civil society organisations (24.6%)‎ and companies (13.7%). The pluralistic nature of our shareholding structure ensures the independence of the agency.

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Management Board

The Management Board is responsible for the implementation of the agency’s strategy. It steers all strategic projects, decides on priorities, mobilises the necessary means to achieve the agency’s missions and objectives and oversees their effective execution.

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Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee ensures the independence and professional excellence of Vigeo Eiris. Composed of independent members, the council oversees the quality of our methods and products, and reviews conclusions from academic research conducted using our database.

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Vigeo Eiris at the core of the ESG ecosystem

Vigeo Eiris works across the entire spectrum of stakeholders actively involved in promoting the responsible performance of organisations and investments. Our objective is to contribute to the debate as well as establishing and reinforcing the long term recognition of ESG rating towards institutional actors, public authorities, professional organisations, civil society and opinion leaders.


A member and key partner of organisations and local associations engaged in promoting SRI, Vigeo Eiris contributes significantly to raising awareness of the challenges of responsible development and the evolution of practices. We are proud, through our global presence, to promote SRI all over the world. Vigeo Eiris also supports scientific research on social responsibility. We build partnerships with academics through research agreements and enable them to access and utilise our database.

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Dialogue with Civil Society & Trade Unions

Beyond research and analysis, Vigeo Eiris positions itself as an actor open to dialogue and keen to promote social responsibility and responsible investment to civil society organisations – NGOs, trade unions and international organisations.

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